4 Walk-Through Tips For Home Buyers!

4 Walk-Through Tips For Home Buyers!

Posted on May 1st, 2018

One of the most crucial steps for first time home buyers investing their hard-earned money is the final walk-through. This is the situation when a buyer confirms that the house is exactly in the same conditions as agreed during negotiations. At the same time, it's an opportunity to make sure that repairs, if any, have been completed as specified by the buyer. It's confirmation that the buyer is accepting the house with finality.

The excitement of being so close to attaining their dream home can cloud the need for home buyers to go through the final walk through. Sometimes, they are too excited by the deal that has taken so much time and efforts to bring to fruition, that they are impatient to take on another step.  Eventually, the homeowner starts experiencing  small issues once he takes the charge of the property. Therefore, close monitoring of things such as leaks, damage to walls or floors, as well as condition of the appliances are more than necessary.  Here are our tips for home buyers to accomplish a smooth walk-through!

1. Avoid A Walk-Through On The Closing Day!

Quite often, a walk-through eventually leads to pointing out repairs. But how can the first home buyers foresee these repairs in advance?  Moreover, a homeowner also needs time to fix the issues. Therefore, a walk through can't be carried out on the closing day.  Furthermore, it doesn't make sense to conduct two walk-throughs on the same day. There must be enough time between the two appointments to identify and resolve the issues.  Since your lender might not agree to approve a delayed closing, so you would need to point out the issues in advance!

2. Check Electrical Outlets By Plugging-In Your Phone!

How about plugging your phone in and out of the electrical outlets?  Well, it does make sense as at the end of the activity you would be greatly ensured that the electricity works just fine. You might not want to give yourself an unpleasant experience after you've moved in to your home with your moving boxes. So, bring your phone & the charger on the day of the walk through and test all the electrical outlets there. It is an easy enough task and one of the important tips for home buyers that home buyers often miss out.

3. Watch Out For Any Junk left Behind By Seller!

Sometimes, sellers may forget to remove their old household junk unintentionally. They might be too busy or caught up in shifting things to their new home. So, you will need to take charge of it and look at the every corner, especially the attic where the possibility of meeting with leftover junk is high.  Ideally, the seller should take care of these things while leaving their home.  However, reminding them about the leftover junk isn't a bad idea, otherwise, you are going to own a lot more than the home.

4. Ask For Keys To All Doors, Alarm Codes & Garage Openers!

Before getting done with the final walk-through, it's a good idea to ask the seller for the copies of receipts of the recent repairs. Also, don't forget to ask for keys to all doors, alarm codes, garage doors, etc. Make sure to receive them in working conditions before you finish with your final walk through!

A perfect walk-through will make certain that your new house is ready to become your new home!!


Nina Sidhu